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VPN & Networking


Working remotely over a secure network is becoming normal these days. Our VPN and networking services include:

install and configure Cisco ASA series firewall VPN devices to provide industry standard secure lines for remotely accessing office computers.

Enable site-to-site VPN connection capabilities.


Q: If sites are connected via VPN site-to-site connection, can we share the same server?

A: Yes, that is one of major reason companies try to connect branch offices to main office. Cloud storage can also be used for sharing the data between different sites. 

Q: What is the maximum VPN connections are allowed under basic license?

A: Most basic licenses come with 2-4 simultaneous connections. Additional licenses can be purchased from Cisco if needed.

Q: How many VPN licenses do I need for my small business with 10-20 employees?

A: Assuming all of them will require remote access, we have noticed that 1/3 will be sufficient.

Q: What happens if more users try to access when the limit is already reached?

A: The “Connection Failed” message in most cases indicates that all licenses are taken. If you get this message on your first VPN try, it also could mean that your VPN software is not installed on your device.

Q: Does my VPN connection goes away if I forget to disconnect?

A: Yes, the connection in most cases time out after a configured period.


We provide commercial grade network wiring. Our services include:

  • Installing new CAT5 or CAT6.
  • Upgrading existing wiring to latest CAT6
  • Installing Patch Panel and switches when needed


Q: Do I need to install a patch panel for residential new construction?

A: Depends on the size of the house and number of internet outlets you may need. Patch Panel helps to identify the internet wires to a given room and make it very organized and clean.

Q: How can we have more than one wireless router in a residential or small business environment?

A: There are different ways of having multiple wireless devices. You can configure the wireless router to work as access point. If you need the wireless router to give out different IP addresses, the to avoid address collision, configure their address rage to be different (i.e. and

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