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Security Camera

Security Camera Services

We install IP and CCT camera systems for small businesses. Our services include:

Educating our Customers on Security Camera Choices.

Installing Security Cameras

Configuring NVR / DVR for Customized Recording

Enabling Remote Camera Access

Providing Maintenance Support when Needed.


Q: debating between CCT  and  IP security camera systems. Any suggestion?

A: Security cameras and recording units (DVR or NVRs) are now improved a lot compared to a few years ago. Today 4 MP cameras are offered with most commercial grade packages. The wiring used for IP cameras use CAT5 or CAT6 which works with all IP type cameras. We had problem using the same CCT wiring for different CCT cameras and had to update them. Our customer prefer IP systems and we recommend it as well.

Q: What size hard drive do I need for my DVR/NVR?

A: It depends on the number of cameras and recording configuration setup. Most 6-8 security camera systems come with a 2TB or 3 TB hard drives which can provide 7-10 days of full recording. You can extend your recording to 20-30 days by reducing the recording resolutions or setting recording to motion detection mode or adding an extra hard drive or any combination of the above 3.

Q: Wireless cameras VS wired?

A: When you buy a wireless camera, the advantage is you can install it anywhere within reach but very often people realize that they must have a power plugin spot. Some of our customers think that signals can be zapped before a breaking.

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